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Monday, June 21, 2010

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Songs To Grow By
 "Songs To Grow By" children's album by Jeanie Perkins. 
What's the most important gift you can give your child? Jeanie Perkins thinks it's a healthy sense of positive self-worth, brotherhood and a genuine love of learning. That's why she teamed up with child psychologist, Sherry Lowe, and wrote Songs to Grow By for her children... and yours. Set in a variety of diverse multi-cultural musical settings, Songs to Grow By is not sugar-coated, just great music.   

A cut, "Everybody's Special", from this album is on "Chicken Soup for Little Souls", released by Warner Brothers. 

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* "When I Was A Dinosaur" an audio book musical story with 12 songs by various artists, including the Dixie Chicks, performed in regional Children's Theaters.

When a kid gets his wish to be a dinosaur, he's in for plenty of prehistoric fun. Join Roger and his dina pals as they cross paths with the sage Turkle the Turtle, the singing Dina Sisters and the fiendish Ty Rex. This charming story with a score of original songs will entertain your whole family. 

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